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Publisher & Editor:                        From the Editor
        Rob Portil

        Artistic Director:
        Adryanna Ciera

        Contributing Editors:
        Mikey Wier
        Art Dollosso
        Al Kyte
        Matt Paluch
                                                   For this issue we convinced the noted photographer
               HOW TO CONTACT US                   John Sherman to share some of his images from his
                                                   new book Fly Fishing The California Delta with us. John

        For Advertising Inquiries:                 is a much published photographer and the new book
        Fly Fishing Life Magazine                  with Mike Costello is treat in every aspect, from great
        165 Mission RD                             photography to deep insight into striper fishing in the
        Sedona, AZ 86336                           California Delta. (page 32)
                                                   We also resurrected and updated a destination story
        For General Inquiries or                   from the original online version of our magazine. Mostly
        to send a letter to the editor:            because it provides one of the significant destinations
        Fly Fishing Life Magazine                  for trophy trout in California and because it resides in the
        165 Mission RD                             only issue of our magazine that is not accessible from
        Sedona, AZ 86336                           the archives link in the magazine. (page 16)
                                                   Do fish eat snakes? A question I’ve had for years. I’ve
        To copy or reuse material from             seen snakes eating small fish, but never witnessed a
        Fly Fishing Life Magazine:                 fish eating a snake. A question that plagued Matt Paluch
        Permissions Department                     near a rattlesnake infested favorite stream of his was
        Fly Fishing Life Magazine                  “do the large rainbows eat rattlesnakes.” You’ll be sur-
        165 Mission RD                             prised at his approach to finding this out. (Page 6)
        Sedona, AZ 86336
        Please allow two to four weeks for processing.
                                                   Rob Portil, Editor

        Cover Photo by John Sherman
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