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                                                                                    Rod and Reel
                                                                         with Underwater Video Camera

                      When you cast a fishing lure out into the water and it goes beneath the
                      surface, it enters a dark, mysterious world that you can only imagine. Perhaps

                      that’s overstating things a bit, but the fact is, you can’t see where it is or what’s
                      around it. A fish finder can provide you with some basic information (if you’re
                      in a boat) but it doesn’t actually show you what it looks like down there. That’s

                      where the FishEyes Rod and Reel with Underwater Video Camera comes in.
                      Its built-in color LCD screen provides you with a live image of what’s down

                      there, and any fish that happen to be near it.

                      We tested it out on Lake Davis recently and found that besides being able to

                      see the fish it provides a good way to see what the bottom looks like where
                      you’re fishing and gives you reasonable way to determine depth.

                      With 20 feet of video and power cable in place of the fishing line, it has its
                      limits, but very useful for checking if fish are really there or just chekcing

                      out the bottom. At $79.99 you can forgive the fact that it isn’t the highest
                      resolution video camera you can buy.

                      Available at Amazon
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