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An Entirely Synthetic Fish

         How Rainbow Trout Beguiled America and Overran the  World

         by Anders Halverson

                                                           Anders Halverson provides an exhaustively
                                                           researched and grippingly rendered account

                                                           of the rainbow trout and why it has become
                                                           the most commonly stocked and controver-

                                                           sial freshwater fish in the United States. Dis-
                                                           covered in the remote waters of northern
                                                           California, rainbow trout have been artifi-

                                                           cially propagated and distributed for more
                                                           than 130 years by government officials eager

                                                           to present Americans with an opportunity to
                                                           get back to nature by going fishing. Proudly
                                                           dubbed “an entirely synthetic fish” by fish-

                                                           eries managers, the rainbow trout has been
                                                           introduced into every state and province in

                                                           the United States and Canada and to every
                                                           continent except Antarctica, often with dev-
                                                           astating effects on the native fauna. Halver-

                                                           son  examines  the  paradoxes  and  reveals  a
                                                           range of characters, from nineteenth-century

                                                           boosters who believed rainbows could be
                                                           the saviors of democracy to twenty-first-cen-
             tury biologists who now seek to eradicate them from waters around the globe.

             Ultimately, the story of the rainbow trout is the story of our relationship with the
             natural world—how it has changed and how it startlingly has not.

             The book is available at your local fly shops and at
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