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         Fly Fishing the California Delta

         by Captain Mike Costello

         Photography by John Sherman

                                                                        The California Delta has be-

                                                                        come a major new destination
                                                                        for trophy striped bass. Other

                                                                        species are also popular. There
                                                                        are more largemouth bass
                                                                        tournaments in the Delta than

                                                                        any other body of water in
                                                                        the world with total weight of

                                                                        bag limits exceeding any other
                                                                        watershed. This is the first ma-
                                                                        jor book describing the tech-

                                                                        niques used for landing trophy
                                                                        striped bass and other species

                                                                        in California’s famed Delta.

                                                                        The book is available at

                                                                        Amazon or local Fly Shops

                This is a stunning coffee table book as well as an amazing primer

                on the fishing of the California Delta regions.
                We were so impressed by the photography of the California Delta
                and the world of bass fishing photography that we asked John

                Sherman to exhibit some of that photography for our ‘Art of An-
                gling’ section this month.
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