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This Week's featured Book:

Understanding Trout Behavior: Brilliant Insights into How Trout Act and Why by the Authors of The Trout and the Fly (paperback)

Catching a trout is among the most rewarding challenges in the entire sport of fly fishing because they are superbly adapted to their environment. To catch the wiliest among them, an angler must know all of the many defenses that trout employ to protect themselves from predators.

In Understanding Trout Behavior, John Goddard and Brian Clarke give anglers invaluable advice about: how trout see a "window" of images that is refracted through water; how rises and other feeding behavior can tell you what fly to use; why casting vertically can reduce your chances of catching fish; why fish see more when they are in deeper water than when they are in shallow water; how to tie flies that take advantage of how trout see their world. (5 x 7 1/2, 160 pages, color photos, color illustrations, diagrams, charts)

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